'The Warmth Of You' - Debut Single

'The Warmth Of You' was recorded in Post Electric Studio, Scotland's best professional recording studio, with Rod Jones (Idlewild) at the helm for production. Our sound, on this first release, was influenced by bands like Fugazi, Gang Of Four, Autolux and Warpaint. Recording with Rod at Post Electric allowed us to capture a very real and very wonderful room sound, retaining a lot of the live feel of our music whilst embellishing it with studio mastery. Rod employed his knowledge of the Albini approach, or Albini-lite as we compromised on. He was very easy to work with and together we reached a really cool end result. 

We have an often simultaneously hard and soft edge that reflects a struggle to guard against inner vulnerabilities which can sometimes be all too visible. This really comes across in this track. The song title was changed late on in the process. It's a very dark and cold song for the most part. I felt that it needed a more comforting sounding title to contrast. In the context of the song, the 'warmth' that is something distant and unattainable amid the chaotic and destructive climax. The 'you' is a sort of look in the mirror but it could also refer to a person, a state of being or lost sense of comfort buried deep within. Take what you will from it. 

We also shot a music video in February this year, prior to Covid-19, which I'm sure I caught during filming. Maybe I'm immune? This conceptual piece was directed by Egle Slowlands. We were fortunate enough to have access to Camera Obscura & World of illusions where we filmed sections of this. The resulting footage reflects the feelings of chaos and intensity that the song transmits. Egle done an incredible job and also took a lot of cool photographs for us. 

We recorded a batch of songs at Post Electric and look forward to sharing the rest of them throughout the next 6 months or so. While we really found our sound as a band, the songs are all quite different, so I felt it more fitting to release them as singles. I hope we can record an album next year.  

L o v e   f r o m 

B ro K eN   nOt i oN s 


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